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Poetry then and now

Exactly a year ago we were celebrating Staffordshire Day at the newly restored Orangery with a group of poets (is there a collective noun?) who helped members of the public to write a few lines each inspired by the Orangery and grounds. Some visitors’ imaginations were fired by the concealed foundations of the boiler house which are visible when the trap door is ceremoniously lifted! The final pieces were stamped onto trowels by sculptor Luke Perry and are exhibited on the walls of the Orangery.

Underground inspiration

Since then our creative community has developed and connections strengthened. This year our plans for Staffordshire Day included a podcast with the garden volunteers and a performance by one of our local choirs, Andante. Although neither could go ahead our friends, supporters, hirers and volunteers have risen to the challenge and created music, photography and now poetry all of which can be shared digitally and respond to our current time.

Lockdown poetry

Isolated walk

I pick up the path of
Mr Brock
Or is it the vixen’s trail?
The air is warm, the insects buzz
And high in the backdrop blue,
two buzzards wail.

To my right, in secret grow,
Waiting for the month of May.
Bluebells, twixt the woodland trees,
Soon will come their glorious day.

All is quiet, all is fair,
Nature paces on in time,
Unaware of grief and despair that infests our world.

History will mark this time
In the pages of its books
But Mr Brock and the vixen red
Will take no backward looks.

Sue Paris 2020
A walk on Tixall Hill
*Brock old English for badger.

New ways to connect

Many thanks to Sue Paris who has kindly allowed us to share her work. If it has inspired you to write your own piece please let us know using the Contact Me form or through social media.

We will be sharing more from our creative community over the coming weeks and looking for new ways to reach our audiences. Let us know what you would like to see here, send us your pictures, poems and photos and keep in touch.

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